MSI CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT Gaming Mouse - 12000 DPI Optical Sensor, Right-Handed, 60M+ Click OMRON Switches, 6-Buttons, FriXionFree Cable, 1ms Latency, RGB Mystic Light, 58g

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MSI - made for Gamers and Creators
MSI: For Gamers & Creators

MSI is one of the most trusted names in gaming and esports with countless hours and significant resources invested into premier esports leagues and tier-1 gaming teams. By supporting and working with the best of the best, MSI is able to integrate competitive gaming knowledge and aspirations with technological innovation to create new products that shatter today's performance limits.


Small. Light. Ergonomic.

The CLUTCH GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT is a compact optical gaming mouse for right-handers constructed from lightweight materials that is ideal for claw or fingertip mouse control.

Designed for competitive FPS gaming, the GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT gaming mouse supports extremely precise tracking (up to 12000 DPI), and comes with ultra-durable OMRON mechanical switches (+60 million clicks), anti-slip grips, PTFE skates & a FriXionFree cable.

  • Ultra-light 58 gram mouse
  • Compact size is suitable for claw or fingertip grip
  • Up to 12000 DPI, 250 IPS, and 1ms polling rate
  • L/R OMRON switches rated for 60 million clicks each (6-button layout)
  • Diamond-patterned anti-slip textured side grips
  • Gaming-grade 100% PTFE skates
  • Flexible FriXionFree cable (2m) minimizes drag
  • On-board gaming profiles (up to 3, MSI Center configurable)

MSI CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Gaming Mouse BP1

MSI CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Gaming Mouse BP2

MSI CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Gaming Mouse BP3

MSI CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Gaming Mouse BP4

Ultra-Light 58g Gaming Mouse

Weighing in at just 58 grams, the ultra-lightweight GM31 is perfect for competitive play, allowing gamers to effortlessly move and aim with agility and accuracy.

Compact & Ergonomic

The compact and ergonomic design of the GM31's chassis is especially suited for gamers with small to medium-sized hands.

The GM31 is suitable for right-handed gamers that prefer both fingertip and claw grip gaming styles.

Up to 12000 DPI

A high-end PixArt PMW-3360 optical sensor with precise tracking delivers high speed reliability at 250 IPS and pinpoint accuracy up to 12000 DPI with a 1ms polling rate.

Built to Outlast

The GM31 is built to outlast the competition with high-durability OMRON mechanical L/R switches rated for 60 million clicks each.

Features a 6-button layout (5 programmable, 1 DPI underside).

MSI CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Gaming Mouse BP5

MSI CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Gaming Mouse BP6

MSI CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Gaming Mouse BP7

MSI CLUTCH GM31 Lightweight Gaming Mouse BP8

Secure Victory

The GM31 features diamond-patterned anti-slip grips for secure, tactile control.

100% PTFE Skates

The GM31 features pure PTFE skates with a single-directional surface texture and double-cut edges that provide a near frictionless glide for accurate, high-speed mouse movement.

FriXionFree Cable

The GM31 LIGHTWEIGHT features a highly-flexible MSI FriXionFree cable (2m, USB 2.0), engineered to minimize friction on the mousepad and desk. This reduces the risk of accidental movement errors.

Customizable Profiles

Through MSI Center and MSI Mystic Light software, the mouse settings can be changed, either by choosing from pre-programmed settings or up to 3 customizable profile configurations that include settings, RGB effects and macro keys.

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