Lenovo Yoga Wireless Mouse with Laser Presenter/Pointer 2.4GHz Wireless Nano Receiver & Bluetooth 5.0 Adjustable Optical Mouse - Grey

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Keyboard Specifications
Keyboard Type Mouse Wireless Grey

Transformable Mouse And Presenter In Your Pocket.

Transformable Mouse And Presenter In Your Pocket.

An ultrathin portable mouse. An intuitive presenter. The Lenovo Yoga Mouse is the modern professional’s pocket companion – wherever inspiration strikes, and whenever the spotlight shines. Connect to devices and work effortlessly on any surface, with high-precision up to 1600 DPI tracking and the ergonomic V-shape grip. Turn the Yoga flat with a single twist to get a fully functional laser presenter with built-in slide control.

One-twist mouse and presenter

Mouse away in full comfort with the Yoga’s distinctive V-shape. Then turn it flat with the twist of a hinge to get a perfectly sized presenter with a laser pointer and fully functional slide control.

One-twist mouse and presenter
Multiple devices, all surfaces

Multiple devices, all surfaces

Dual-mode support via Bluetooth 5.0 or 2.4 GHz USB dongle lets you connect to a notebook, phone or tablet, and switch seamlessly at the push of a button. The up to 1600 DPI sensor provides high-precision tracking on nearly any surface.

Extreme portability and comfort

With a maximum thickness of 14 mm in flat mode, the Yoga Mouse fits in your shirt pocket, while the ergonomic V-shape form factor provides ample space for your palm and optimal placement for your fingers.

Extreme portability and comfort

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